Puros®-S and Puros®-S2 Cervical Interbody Allograft Implants

Sterile-packed Puros-S and Puros-S2 allow surgeons to select from either one-piece cortical grafts or reinforced cortical and cancellous combination grafts.


HIGHRIDGE Spine’s Puros cervical allografts give surgeons the power to choose. Sterile-packed Puros-S and Puros-S2 allow surgeons to select from either one-piece cortical grafts or reinforced cortical and cancellous combination grafts.

The Puros family delivers the shapes, sizes and angles to fit varying patient anatomies, as well as best-in-class features designed to facilitate insertion, minimize migration and resist pullout. All Puros products work with versatile instrumentation that simplifies implantation and improves ease of use.

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System Features


  • Puros-S features the strength of all-cortical bone, while Puros-S2 features cortical bone with an osteoconductive cancellous center.
  • Both Puros-S and Puros-S2 meet stringent quality standards that meet all U.S. Food and Drug Administration donor screening and testing requirements.


  • With three footprints, two geometric options and five heights, Puros-S and Puros-S2 are designed for varying patient anatomies
  • Between Puros-S and Puros-S2, surgeons can choose between a cortical or cortical-cancellous implant to best suit patient needs and surgeon preference.


  • Puros constructs are sterilized using RTI Surgical’s proprietary BioCleanse® Tissue Sterilization Process*
  • Sterilization process has been proven to inactivate or remove pathogens while preserving the biomechanical integrity of the graft
  • Puros implants must pass stringent donor screening

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Puros®-S and Puros®-S2 Brochure

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Total Cervical Solutions Brochure

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Additional Information

  • References

    1. 1. Lee MJ, Bazaz R, Furey CG, Yoo J. Influence of anterior cervical plate design on dysphagia: a 2-year prospective longitudinal follow-up study. J Spinal Disord Tech. 2005;18(5):406–9.
  • Legal Manufacturer

    Zimmer Biomet Spine, Inc.

    10225 Westmoor Dr.

    Westminster, CO 80021 USA

Important Information

  • Description


    This package contains donated human tissue intended for transplantation. Puros products are manufactured from human bone that has been through the BioCleanse® process and terminally sterilized. This product is restricted to homologous use for the repair, replacement or reconstruction of musculoskeletal defects by a qualified healthcare professional (i.e., physician). 

  • Warnings


    • Once opened, the graft must be used for the current procedure or discarded. Product is a single patient, single use product. 
    • Do not use damaged, contaminated or expired product. 
    • This product has been sterilized; do not re-sterilize. 
    • Manipulation or alterations made to a pre-shaped or assembled graft can cause graft failure. 
    • Do not use any tool that would result in concentrated pressure or force to the cancellous bone area of the graft, if applicable. 
    • Tools used for impaction should distribute pressure evenly across the cortical area(s). 
    • Inadequate hydration may result in graft damage upon impaction. 
    • Inappropriate placement and/or fixation could lead to graft migration or could adversely affect performance over time. 
    • Prior to performing surgery, the surgeon should be familiar with surgical techniques or surgical guides for any product or instruments that will be used. 
    • Additional products of varying types and sizes should be accessible in case of an unexpected need. 
    • This allograft and all packaging materials used by RTI are latex free. 
    • Sterile barrier packaging is protected by a dust barrier (e.g. box, sealed plastic pouch). 
  • Adverse Reactions

    Surgeons should discuss the following potential complications of tissue transplantation with their patients: 

    • Loss of function and/or integrity of transplanted tissue due to resorption, fragmentation, and/or disintegration including, but not limited to, associated loss of continuity, displacement, bending and/or fracture. 
    • Transmission of known infectious agents including, but not limited to, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, syphilis and bacteria. 
    • Immune rejection of transplanted grafts or allergic reactions to residual chemicals. This product may contain trace amounts of the following processing chemicals: ascorbic acid, detergent, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, phosphate buffered saline, povidone-iodine. 
    • The same medical/surgical conditions that may complicate any surgical procedure may occur during or following the transplantation of an allograft.