InterGro® DBM

DBM in a Natural Carrier Designed to Provide Preferred Handling and Growth Factors.

Shaping the Future of DBM

The natural quality of the carrier and its containment and handling characteristics enable the surgeon to mold it to surgical sites, even in the presence of excessive fluids and under lavage. 

System Features

InterGro DBM Fibers are composed of 100% Demineralized human cortical bone fibers and offer both osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties. Upon re-hydration the graft becomes flexible and moldable allowing it to be conveniently placed into bony voids or gaps that have been surgically created, or for filling osseous defects in non-weight bearing applications.


The carrier used in InterGro DBM is composed primarily of phosphatidylcholine, commonly referred to as lecithin. Lecithin is 100% natural, derived from soybeans, absorbed by the human body, and is key component of cell membranes.

Preferred Handling

InterGro DBM is stored at room temperature and is available as a 40% DBM putty, 35% DBM paste, or a 35% DBM PLUS pre-mixed with Pro Osteon® 500R granules. Because InterGro DBM is non-water soluble, it resists lavage/irrigation.

Validated Osteoinductivity

Each lot of InterGro DBM is validated for osteoinductivity (OI) via the "C2C12" assay. This ensures that only lots with verified OI are released. The lecithin carrier helps to keep the DBM in situ as compared to DBM alone.

Optimized Active DBM Content

To further enhance the osteoinductive response, the DBM content within the InterGro product has been optimized. The Nimni study2 showed a 60/40 ratio optimized ALP activity.


  • InterGro DBM Paste

    0.5cc, 1cc, 2cc, 5cc 35% DBM content by weight.

  • InterGro DBM Putty

    10cc 40% DBM content by weight.

  • InterGro DBM Plus (1mm–4mm Pro Osteon 500R granules are added)

    2cc, 5cc, 10cc 35% DBM content by weight and premixed with resorbable coralline hydroxyapatite/calcium carbonate granules.

  • InterGro Fibers (100% DBM Fiber)

    2cc, 5cc, 10cc, supplied in an open bore syringe.

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