TM-S Cervical Fusion Device

Trabecular Metal™ Technology. Designed to help minimize the risk of Adjacent Level Ossification (ALO).

Experience the Benefits of the TM-S Device

Trabecular Metal Material’s exclusive technology provides confidence in achieving bony in-growth and bridging. Due to its high coefficient of friction against cancellous bone, Trabecular Metal Material delivers tactile stability from the start.

System Features

This cervical fusion device provides an excellent balance between porosity and strength. TM-S is the only cervical spinal implant made with Trabecular Metal™ Material, which is a unique, highly porous biomaterial made from elemental tantalum with structural, functional and physiological properties similar to that of bone. 


Average porosity of up to 80% with a consistent, open pore structure designed to resemble the physical and mechanical properties of cancellous bone.


Trabecular Metal has a modulus of elasticity that is similar to cancellous bone for more normal load sharing which has the potential to minimize stress shielding.1


Trabecular Metal has a high coefficient of friction versus cancellous bone and the TM-S device has geometric features designed to limit micromotion, enhance initial stability and reduce the likelihood of expulsion.3


Trabecular Metal Material is a highly porous structure that creates an initial scratch fit and facilitates the long-term biologic attachment of orthopaedic implants via the potential for bone ingrowth.


  • Footprints (Length × Width)

    11 mm × 11 mm, 11 mm × 14 mm, 14 mm × 14 mm.

  • Heights


  • Lordosis

    0°, 7°.

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TM-S Cervical Fusion Device Trabecular Metal® Technology

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  • References

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