PrimaGen Advanced™ Allograft

Recreating the benefits of the Gold Standard while reducing the drawbacks.

The Complete Bone Remodeling Triad

A fresh frozen allograft, which is cryopreserved and processed using a proprietary processing method to retain endogenous components of the native bone that support bone healing.

PrimaGen Advanced Allograft possesses all three components of the bone healing triad: osteoconductivity, osteoinductivity, and osteogenicity. The combination of morselized cancellous bone and demineralized cortical bone provides a bone grafting scaffold.7

System Features

PrimaGen Advanced™ Allograft has been developed to overcome the limitations of other bone graft substitutes and designed to offer a real alternative to autograft.

Streamline Your Procedures with an Advanced Delivery System

PrimaGen Advanced™ Allograft is packaged in an intuitive, proprietary pre-filled delivery syringe and features a built-in filter that allows for the full preparation of the material directly inside the syringe.

The Complete Bone Remodeling Triad

This allograft retains osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties as well as naturally inherent osteogenic cells.


  • Cortical bone is processed into a fiber-like structure and demineralized, retaining a variety of osteoinductive protein important for bone formation.
  • The cancellous bone tissue is morselized into particulate, creating a consistent graft.

The PrimaGen Advanced Allograft Process

  • The advanced, proprietary processing methods protect and retain the naturally inherent osteogenic cells.
  • At least 750,000 cells/cc of cancellous tissue with at least 70% cell viability1.
  • Cells include MSCs, osteoprogenitor cells and pre-osteoblasts.


  • PrimaGen Advanced Allograft Options

    1cc, 5cc, 10cc, 15cc.

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