Vitality™ Spinal Fixation System

Engineered to address a wide range of spinal pathologies, the Vitality System offers next-generation implant designs and intuitive instrumentation.

Advance Your Surgical Capabilities

The Vitality System is a versatile and comprehensive pedicle screw platform that provides the essential components needed to execute rigid fixation of challenging anatomies in complex thoracolumbar procedures.

System Features

Featuring vigorously tested implants and ergonomically weight-balanced instrumentation, the Vitality System is strong and efficient. This adaptable system is built with a specific focus on intraoperative flexibility, allowing surgeons to develop the right solution for each individual patient.


  • 7 different screw styles accommodate either a ø5.5 mm or ø6.0 mm rod
  • 12 different screw diameter options support customised approaches
  • 6 differing rod styles/materials deliver exceptional intraoperative flexibility


  • T27 drive feature allows for a secure screw-to-driver interface
  • Dual-lead, low-pitch iliac screws allow for insertion speed without increased insertion torque
  • Specially designed screw shank thread form promotes improved screw stability


  • Friction-fit head ensures ideal positioning for simplified rod placement
  • Dual-lead screws and set screws are specifically designed for speed and ease of use
  • Enhanced ergonomics optimise OR time in an effort to minimise fatigue
  • T27 drive mechanism interchangeability promotes intraoperative simplicity


Surgical Technique Guides

Vitality® + Osteotomy System Surgical Technique Guide

1561.1-GLBL REV 05/18 (Global)Download PDF

Vitality®+ Hook Implant and Instrument Kit Surgical Technique Guide

26.2-GLBL Rev 03/19 (Global)Download PDF

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