ROI-A® ALIF Cage With VerteBRIDGE® Plating Technology

The ROI-A system utilizes innovative VerteBRIDGE plating technology in an ALIF application, to deliver integrated fixation in the same plane as the disc space.

Deliver with Accuracy

The ROI-A® cage with VerteBRIDGE® fixation offers a unique system in which integrated fixation is delivered in a self-guided fashion with the implant holder. This allows for accurate impaction of self-locking VerteBRIDGE plating, giving surgeons confidence in the plating trajectory.

System Features

The ROI-A system offers a wide range of implant options, as well as an oblique option, in each implant kit to address a variety of patient anatomies and surgical situations.


Multiple footprints, lordosis, and heights as well as three plate lengths for optimized fit and stability in various patient anatomies.


PEEK-OPTIMA® material for biocompatibility and radiolucency, and Tantalum markers for verification of cage positioning.


Self-guided, self-locking plating system within the implant holder protects soft tissue anatomy from contact during integrated fixation delivery.

Featuring VerteBRIDGE Plating® Technology

  • Zero-profile design with no hardware protruding anterior of the vertebral bodies.
  • Inserter provides protection of vascular structures during plate placement.
  • Adjustable anterior-posterior placement prior to insertion of the plate.


  • Range of Implant Options

    ROI-A ALIF Cage and ROI-A Oblique ALIF Cage.

  • Footprints (Depth X Width)

    23mm x 26mm.

    27mm x 30mm*.

    27mm x 36mm.

    30mm x 39mm.

    *Standard and Oblique Options.

  • Lordosis

    6°*, 10°* and 14°.

    * Standard and Oblique Options.

  • Heights

    10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and  16mm.


Brochures & Surgical Technique Guides

ROI-A® ALIF Cage Product Brochure

IR-A B 4 Rev A 10.2017Download PDF

ROI-A® ALIF Cage with VerteBRIDGE Plating® Technology Surgical Technique Guide

IR-A ST 10 Rev B 07.2017 (US) Download PDF

Anterior Lumbar Solutions Brochure

ZV0798 REV A 04/23 (U.S.)Download PDF

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