ProLift® Interbody Spacer System

Expandable spacer with Osseo-LOC™ surface technology.

Minimized Retraction for Disc Height Restoration

The ProLift Expandable System is available in a range of sizes and footprints and can expand to the desired height (8 mm to 16 mm) to suit the individual pathology and anatomical conditions of the patient. It is fabricated and manufactured from titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V ELI) as described by ASTM F136.

System Features

The ProLift expandable interbody system with Osseo-Loc surface technology provides a micro-invasive solution for TLIF and PLIF procedures with in situ expansion for restoration of normal anatomic disc height and decompression of neural elements.


  • In situ expansion with continuous adjustability allows for foraminal and disc height restoration.
  • Physiologic levels of lordosis.
  • Bulleted tip eases insertion.


  • Minimal tissue disruption, minimal nerve retraction.
  • Post pack design allows for insertion of graft material after expansion.
  • Osteo-Line™ graft delivery system.


  • 400-600 micron porosity.
  • Surface architecture provides earlier bone on-growth.¹


  • Footprint (Width x Length)

    12 mm x 28 mm.

  • Expansion Ranges

    8 mm-13 mm (small), 10 mm-16 mm (large).

  • Lordosis

    0˚, 7˚, 12˚, 15˚.


Brochures & Surgical Technique Guides

ProLift® Interbody Spacer System Brochure

ZV1381 REV A 06/23Download PDF

ProLift® Expandable Spacer System Surgical Technique Guide

ZVINST0117 REV 07/23 2031.5-GLBL-en-REV0711Download PDF

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