Epic™ Anterior Thoracolumbar Plate

A comprehensive lumbar plating system for robust anterior fixation.

Intuitive Design and Ease of Use

The Epic Anterior Thoracolumbar Plate System provides fixation for use in anterior thoracolumbar fusion procedures. Features include the plate’s intuitive design and ease of use, including the single-step cover plate for screw back-out prevention. 

System Features

The Epic System offers straightforward, easy-to-use instrumentation that results in minimizing surgical steps.

Design Rationale

  • Strong, low-profile plate
  • Lumbar and sacral plate options in a wide range of lengths for optimal anatomic fit
  • Fixed and variable screw angles

Intuitive Instrumentation

  • Unique screw thread design for excellent bone-screw fixation and plate lagging
  • 18˚conical range of screw insertion angles
  • Single-step cover plate for screw back-out prevention
  • Simple, intuitive instrumentation


Brochures & Surgical Technique Guides

EpicTM Anterior Thoracolumbar Plate Brochure

ZV1233-US-en-Rev0523 (US)Download PDF

Epic™ Anterior Thoracolumbar Plate Surgical Technique Guide

0251.1-US REV 12/16 (US)Download PDF

Anterior Lumbar Solutions Brochure

ZV0798 REV A 04/23 (U.S.)Download PDF

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