Avenue® L Lateral Lumbar Cage With VerteBRIDGE® Plating Technology

Designed for strength, versatility, and stability. It represents the pinnacle of lateral lumbar cage evolution incorporating zero-profile, intradiscal, and integrated fixation.

Featuring VerteBRIDGE® Plating Technology

  • Zero-profile design with no hardware protruding lateral of the vertebral bodies.
  • Self-locking plates designed for initial and long-term stability.
  • Self-guided, curved plates ease insertion.
  • Inserter provides protection of anatomic structures during plate placement.
  • Innovative plate delivery system optimized for the direct lateral approach.

System Features

The enhanced in-line, self-guided VerteBRIDGE Plating Technology facilitates simplified cage insertion all through a direct, minimally invasive approach.


Comprehensive offering of footprints to meet different patient anatomy and provide for optimal endplate contact.

Increased Rigidity

I-beam design to increase the rigidity of the cage and support the graft during insertion into the intervertebral space.

Optimal Positioning

Intra-operative adjustment of the Cage Holder to ensure optimal positioning of the cage prior to insertion of VerteBRIDGE plating.


Guided in-line plate delivery.


Sterile packaging for assured product quality and absolute traceability.

Easy Insertion

Bevelled nose to ease insertion.


  • Widths

    17mm and 22mm.

  • Lordotic Angles

    0° and 6°.

  • Heights

    8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm*.

    * Special Order

  • Lengths

    40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm.

  • Plate Lengths

    Short, Medium and Long.


Brochure & Surgical Technique

Avenue® L Lateral Lumbar Cage with VerteBRIDGE®

ZV1401 REV A 09/23 ©2023Download PDF

Avenue® L Lateral with VerteBRIDGE® Surgical Technique Guide

AVE ST 9 Rev C-GLBL-EN-2023.12Download PDF

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