Anterior Access Retractor System

Engineered to deliver state-of-the-art structural stability enabling surgeons to predictably retract critical vascular and retroperitoneal structures.

Freedom to Choose

The patented, double pin connector gives surgeons the freedom to choose – blades can be engaged in either a fixed or rotating position either to ensure retraction force or accommodate seamlessly to patient anatomical landmarks.

System Features

Articulating arms uniquely engineered for anterior lumbar surgery enable two-point fixation and structural stability essential to confidently and predictably retract delicate vasculature and retroperitoneal structures from the anterior lumbar column.

Secure Blade Connection

  • The ring clamps have been designed to prevent retractor blade migration from the intended deployment location.
  • A secure connection with the retractor ring is established with ease enabling the surgeon to access the anterior lumbar spine with confidence while retracting critical vascular anatomical structures.

Tactile Adjustment of Blade Angulation

  • Angulation of retractor blades up to 30 degrees, in both positive and negative directions, allows surgeons to maximize exposure while maintaining miniaturization of the incision and compensating for patient’s sacral anatomy relative to the L5 vertebral body.
  • Step-wise blade angulation can also be achieved by combining a hex wrench and a pivoting blade holder for incremental exposure of the surgical field.

User-centered Design

  • Low-Profile - the retractor system assembly has a low-profile set-up, allowing unencumbered access to the patient. Thoughtfully engineered articulating arms when used in combination with the rotating table clamp, allow the surgeon to adapt the system to varying patient demands and multi-level surgery.
  • Low-Impact - the intentional design of the ring clamp allows engagement onto the retractor ring with ease, preventing movement during surgery and undue strain on the surgeon’s hands.


Brochures & User Guides

Anterior Lumbar Solutions Brochure

ZV0798 REV A 04/23 (U.S.)Download PDF

HIGHRIDGE Anterior Access Retractor System User Guide

2967.2-US REV 04/20 (US)Download PDF

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